Vol 32, No 1 (2000)

IALL Journal of Language Learning Technologies

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From the Editors

From the Editor
Jan Marston
From the Associate Editor of Electronic Publications: "Ritual Technology"
Pete Smith

From the IALL Board

From the President
Read Gilgen
From the President-Elect
David Pankratz


A Digital Language Resource Center
Robert Doyle
The Use of Video-conferencing as a Communication Tool for Language Learning: Issues and Considerations
Tricia Coverdale-Jones
Adapting Recording Studio Audio Technologies for Language Labs
Rachida Primov, John Czechowicz
R-CAPE: A Russian Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam
Jerry Larson, Marshall Murray


What's New in Intellectual Property Law?
Marc Boots-Ebenfield
Results from the IALL 99 Conference Snapshot Survey
David Pankratz

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End of the Reel
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