Vol 34, No 1 (2002)

IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies

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From the Editor
Samantha Earp
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Andrew Ross

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From the President
David Pankratz


Fostering Technology Use Among Second-Wave Foreign Language Faculty
Edwina Spodark
Delivery Systems and Student Achievement: A Case for Discrete, Immediate, Digital Delivery of Listening Comprehension Exercises
J. Scott Despain

Special Section: Course Managment Systems

Introduction to the Special Section
Samantha Earp
French on the Blackboard ... No More Chalk on the Fingers: French Courses on a High-Tech Blackboard
Claire Malarté-Feldman
The Individualization of Education: WebCT and Learning Styles in Language Instruction
Susan B. Lucas
Using WebCT as a Language Lab Management Tool
Mary Fetherston


K-12 Update
Max Pugh
LLTI Highlights
Ute Lahaie
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