Vol 35, No 1 (2003)

IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies

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From the Editors

From the Editor
Andrew Ross
From the Assistant Editor
Jörg Waltje
From the Assistant Editor
Barbara Sawhill
From the Managing Editor
Gamin Bartle

From the IALLT Board

From the President
David Pankratz
In Memoriam: Karen Landahl
David Pankratz


Applying Tools and Techniques of Natural Language Processing to the Creation of Resources for Less Commonly Taught Languages
Marjorie McShane
Strategizing the Design and Implementation of a Language Center for the Twenty-first Century
Jane D. Tchaïcha

Lab Notes

An Online Latin Poetry Translation Lab in an Italian Classical High School
Licia Landi


LLTI Highlights
Ute Lahaie
Software Review
Peter Yang
Regional Reports
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