Vol 45, No 1 (2015)

The IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies

From the President of IALLT
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From the Editors

From the Managing Editor
Dan Soneson
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Mobile-Assisted Language Learning: Application Development Projects Within Reach for Language Teachers
Dana Lindaman, Dan Nolan
PDF  |   1-22
iPadding Sixth Graders to Impact Language Learning: An Empirical Mobile Study
Sonia Rocca
PDF  |   23-43
Facebook as a Virtual Learning Space to Connect Multiple Language Classrooms
Paul L. Sebastian, Rob A. Martinsen
PDF  |   44-69
Implementing and Managing Online Exensive Reading: Student Performance and Perceptions
Travis Cote, Brett Milliner
PDF  |   70-90


Where Technology Meets Law: The Right of First Sale
Julie Evershed
PDF  |   91-96