model organisms

model organisms:

3D HUVEC Model from Neuromics
3D45001 | 6 well: < span>1706.00 EUR
Human BBB Model Media from Neuromics
NMBBB01 | 500 ml - Media: < span>435.00 EUR
Human Blood Brain Barrier Model from Neuromics
3D45002 | 6 well: < span>2373.00 EUR
3D Rat Blood-Brain Barrier Model from Neuromics
3D45005 | 96 well: < span>10483.00 EUR
WSE-6300 Luminograph III Basic Touch screen model from Atto
2006305 | 1unit: < span>34552.00 EUR
Description: 6.0mega Pi xel Cool ed CCD wi r h F0.8
CytoSelect 24-Well Cell Contraction Assay Kit (Floating Matrix Model) from Cell Biolabs
CBA-5020 | 24 assays: < span>566.00 EUR
Description: Cell Biolabs? Cell Contraction Assays (Floating Matrix Model) provide a simple, in vitro system to assess cell contractivity and screen cell contraction mediators. The proprietary Cell Contraction Plate eliminates the matrix releasing step of the conventional contraction assay, providing a faster, higher-throughput method to assess cell contraction.
Optional Foam Rack for 12 x 15ml tubes ( BV1003 model only) from BenchMark
BV1003-T150 | 1 PC: < span>113.65 EUR
Optional Foam Rack for 5 x 50 ml tubes (BV1003 model only) from BenchMark
BV1003-T500 | 1 PC: < span>134.38 EUR

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