Month: February 2020

IgD antibodies

IgD’s role has long been a conundrum and remains incompletely understood. IgD is present in species ranging from fish to human (probably with the exception of birds), suggesting that IgD was preserved since its ancient roots, which suggests that IgD has significant immunological functions. It’s understood that IgD signals for B cells to be activated …

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What’s Flow Cytometry? FACS: categorized cells according to flow cytometry information Up on departing the flow room, electro-magnets will form cells charge in to different vessels. When more information is required, Compounds labeled with fluorescent dyes and increased against highly specific cell surface antigens (e.g. clusters of distinction or c d markers) enables you to …

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The choline-acetylcholine cycle. The enzyme choline acetyltransferase builds acetylcholine (ACH) from choline (CHO) and acetyl-CoA. After ACH is released in the synaptic cleft, the enzyme acetylcholinesterase converts ACH into the inactive metabolites CHO and acetate. After re-uptake into the pre-synaptic terminal, free CHO is phosphorylated into phosphocholine (PHC), a reaction catalysed by choline kinase. PHC …

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